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How does your fleet stack up to the competition? Take your fleet to the next level with our fleet benchmarking reports.


What is fleet benchmarking?

Fleet benchmarking is a trusted strategy for evaluating and improving operations based on a fleet’s driving patterns. Measure your current performance and track progress towards goals, or compare your fleet to like fleets. With telematics, users are able to gather a large volume and variety of data, set unique fleet goals and make necessary adjustments.

Compare your fleet

Turn data into a business advantage. Compare your fleet to others of similar size, composition, geography and driving pattern. See where your fleet can improve or drive down costs. Deliver measurable value to your organization.

Benchmarking data

Fleet benchmarking doesn’t have to be complicated. Geotab’s open platform offers you access to rich insights on your high quality data on your fleet vehicles and drivers. Track key performance metrics such as fuel usage, fuel economy, idling, harsh driving events and much more.

Other Features


Asset tracking and management

Improve productivity and utilization with real-time asset tracking and management of trailers, containers, generators and more.

Driver tracking device and software

Our robust suite of driver tracking and coaching tools help you track and evaluate driver performance.

Fleet routing and dispatch

Our route management tools help you achieve maximum productivity by saving on travel time and miles driven.

Fleet fuel management

Save on costs by actively managing fuel use and increasing overall fuel efficiency with our fuel management software.

Fleet maintenance

Take a proactive approach to fleet maintenance. Maximize uptime and reduce costs with our fleet management software.

Fleet benchmarking

How does your fleet stack up to the competition? Take your fleet to the next level with our fleet benchmarking reports.

Driver safety reporting

Your employees are your company’s greatest asset. Understand how drivers are doing and where coaching is needed with Geotab driver safety.

Driver coaching

Integrated solutions for driver coaching help you promote good driving habits and achieve your fleet goals.

Dash cams

Record high-definition videos using dash cams and mobile video systems, seamlessly integrated with Geotab’s open fleet telematics platform.

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